Agile Team Facilitation (Online)

Our class teaches skills for meeting facilitation and successful team interaction in accordance with high ICAgile standards.

Dates: 13,15,20,22 February 2024

10:00-14:00 (СЕТ) in Russian

Price: 670 USD

In this class, you will:
Learn fundamental facilitation techniques and practices
Master the participants’ engagement in the discussion and decision-making
Learn to create your own meeting designs and facilitation plans
Get a chance to practice facilitation in a safe environment during the class
Get more comfortable with challenging situations and tough participants
Discover new ways of interacting with teams to enable their growth and prevent burnout
Our approach
focuses on practicing facilitation skills in a safe environment
The course is heavily based on role plays, allowing participants to try on the role of a Facilitator. This enables them to probe acquired techniques and tools, while receiving a structured and careful feedback from both the group and class trainers.
Knowledge transfer
During the course we:
analyze cases from trainers practice
share facilitation plans of the most common meetings
practice dealing with challenging situations
make demos of masterful facilitation from the trainers
All this allows the group to learn from trainers and each other.
Partnership with a team
Psychological aspects of team work are the cornerstone of our program
significant part of our class is focused on topics of establishing the rapport with a group
learning to understand the group dynamics and the Facilitator’s role in it
uncovering the Facilitator’s neutral stance
sharing the responsibility for outcomes with the group
Safe and comfortable environment are crucial for a successful learning. This is exactly the atmosphere we try to create and preserve in our classes. We get a lot of positive feedback about it from our students and graduates!
13 000+
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Students participated in this class
2 professionals
Lead this class
9 years
Experience of working with teams
Class structure
Get ready for a lot of practice, deep analysis of difficult real-life situations, an incredibly supportive atmosphere and learning more about the psychological aspects of group work.

Module 1

What is facilitation?

The concept of facilitation

People engagement and decision efficacy

Facilitation and team development

Basic tools of a Facilitator

Set of helpful tools to use at any meeting

Giving a meeting an effective start

Online facilitation using Miro and Zoom

Module 2
Divergence and convergence stages in facilitation
How to help the group reach a consensus using the basic event flow
Practices for divergent and convergent thinking
Tools for creating trust and engaging participants

Facilitator role in the team

Facilitator: the mindset, skills and profile

The stance of a facilitator and its impact on team development

Module 3
Common problems when running a meeting
How to set a contact with the group and avoid resistance
Dealing with “difficult” meeting participants
Roleplay simulation of common challenges at meetings
How to engage the team in the decision-making
Module 4
Event Design A to Z
Event preparation
How to create a good Facilitation Plan
Adapting the Event Design to the team needs

Final practice
Applying new knowledge and tools in a safe environment during the class
Receiving feedback from other participants and trainers
What else will you get as a participant
industry-recognized ICP-ATF certificate from ICAgile
in the form of a follow-up call a few weeks after the class ends
of the class, including Facilitation Plans in Miro and home tasks with actionable feedback
Participant Impressions
What our alumni are saying about the training
The ATF class from Co-Actors exceeded my expectations! The instructors provided clear learning objectives and shared additional materials on facilitation techniques and frameworks.

This was my second facilitation class in two years. Naturally, I expected the material to be repetitive, but this concern was in vain. I got a new perspective on facilitation and the role of a facilitator. In addition, I gained essential insights into the facilitation structure and practised various intervention practices. I learned to reduce the time box for activities without sacrificing the quality.

Denis and Oksana provided a safe environment where I felt comfortable to try new things!
Daria Rymareva
L&D Manager at Cian
The Team Facilitation class from Co-Actors is a compelling investment for self-development and business. In addition, it is a great way to have a good time. Besides the standard tools, it allows you to see yourself as a facilitator from the outside, get valuable feedback from classmates, and improve your facilitation skills and emotional intelligence.

The main gain for me was the ability to finally distinguish the roles of a manager, leader, and facilitator and get a more conscious view of teamwork and the goals of each function.

Special thanks for creating a safe and comfortable environment in this VUCA world!
Eugenia Kopytina
Product Executive, Advisor, ex-CEO #sektaschool
The class was built around lots of practice. Each participant had multiple opportunities to try on a facilitator role and get helpful and caring instructor feedback. During the course, I felt safe and had no fear of mistakes.

The ATF training was excellent. It provided a proper balance of theory and practice. I haven’t felt such pleasure from participating in an educational event in a long time!

Now, I know how to design various meetings and feel ready to deal with difficult situations. Additionally, I realized how to stop carrying the weight of all the meetings on myself and decrease the stress at work.
Anna Devyatkova
Portfolio Manager в Netwrix
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